Dear Educators,

Aristotle is credited with saying: "Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach." He was, of course, right. And we are so incredibly fortunate that here in New York we have more than 200,000 public school teachers who do understand. You understand the subjects you teach; you understand that every child comes to school with unique abilities and challenges; and you understand that your job is to not only impart knowledge, but to build character and prepare the next generation to be engaged, caring citizens. New York's 2018 Teacher of the Year, Christopher Albrecht, is a perfect example of a teacher who understands. Watch as Christopher explains in this video how he and his students learned from one another and, together, came to a greater understanding of what they could accomplish in the classroom and beyond.

It doesn't matter whether we call today "Teacher Appreciation Day" or "National Teachers Day," the point is the same - I am grateful every day for the work you do to share with our children your knowledge, your wisdom, and - as Aristotle said - your understanding.


MaryEllen Elia